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In home respite

Sometimes, carers need a break too

We are delighted to offer a wide range of activities that cater to the interests and preferences of our clients. Based on our experience, most of our clients on respite enjoy the following activities:

Private Swimming Pool

We have a private swimming pool for clients who are interested in swimming and aquatic exercises.

Private Big Theatre with VR2 and PS5

Our spacious theatre is equipped with VR2 and PS5 gaming consoles, where clients and their support workers can enjoy playing basketball or racing car games in the evenings.

Local Sightseeing

We offer visits to attractions such as the Birdswood Motor Museum, Victor Harbor, Blue Lake, Talem Bend Motorsport Park, Monarto Wildlife Park, and Normanville Beach.

Farm Experience

We have a farm where clients can enjoy go-karting, riding motorbikes, feeding sheep and chickens, and exploring the beautiful Mount Lofty Gorge National Park.

Table Tennis

We have a table tennis setup at our facility for clients to enjoy friendly games in the evenings.

Healthy Food Options

Clients can choose their preferred health food options, and we also provide meals at local restaurants or cooked at home, depending on their preferences.

Support Workers

our dedicated support worker, provides one-on-one support to our clients and is passionate about ensuring their well-being and enjoyment during their respite stay.

Travel Opportunities

Jason is also available for travel within South Australia or interstate, except for the period of June 15th to June 21st when he will be accompanying another client to the Gold Coast. All accommodation and travel fares during the respite period are included in the NDIS rate for one-to-one support.

We can provide a quote for the respite care services based on the number of days you are interested in and the specific requirements of the client. Please let us know if you would like to proceed or have any further questions.


Respite care can be accessed within the comfort of your own home, in an overnight respite cottage

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